Friday, October 21, 2011

MUSIC: NECRO - "Creepy Crawl"

Hip-Hop.  If you're into the constant references to sippin' on Cristal and diamonds and flashy cars and all of that other bullshit, then I can easily say that NECRO is NOT for you!  But if you're an old school metal/hip-hop/horror head who can dig on references to shit like Black Sabbath, Obituary, VoiVod, Sepultura and the almighty SLAYER...than this is for you.  If you're into movies like BLOODSUCKING FREAKS, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, crazy gore flicks and serial killers (especially Manson), than this is for you.

Ron "NECRO" Braunstein is a true independent artist who produces and writes his own shit and even runs his own label.  He undoubtedly puts his heart and soul into everything that he does and it probably offends A LOT of people.  But I dig the fuck out of it.

So here is NECRO's tribute (by way of Jim Van Bebber's THE MANSON FAMILY) to Charlie Manson and his crew and their late night missions they called "creepy crawls". 
Dig it!!

Necro - Creepy Crawl - Official Music Video (The Manson Family) from NECRO - Official Video Page on Vimeo.

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